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I love being outside, adore my morning cup of tea and can’t watch scary movies because I’m a scaredy cat. I’m a climber, a lover of road trips and my least favorite flavor is licorice. I am an introverted person—and the best way for me to break out of my shell and get to know people and make friends is to make images. I shoot mainly digital photos but I still shoot film frequently and will jump at the chance to add it into your shoot if time and light permit. I like that it is slower and more thoughtful. It gives me time to really get to know who I’m photographing and make sure that their light shines through in my work.

I have been shooting weddings and family portraits for almost 10 years now. People are my passion. I love the chance to spend the day with a couple in their purest moments of joy or to spend some time with a family, documenting the fleeting youth of children as they play. People are ever fascinating and I am so grateful that it is my job to document them. My goal is to capture the little in-between moments that come and go so quickly. The moments you will want to hold on to—and to make sure that the photographs I take feel the way you want to remember them.

So, please! Say hello! Let’s grab a cup of tea and dream up your perfect wedding day or family shoot together!