Austin Family Photography: In-studio session

I bought myself a new 9’ backdrop last Friday. Now listen, I’m not the type to buy myself new things very often… especially kind of expensive new things. But after a lot of hemming and hawing on the color and texting Briley and finally making her decide for me, I settled on “Pecan” for this cute little family shoot. What a great neutral. I did manage to let it unroll itself WAY too much accidentally because I got a little arrogant and convinced myself I could set it up on my own. It ended up getting pretty wrinkled and kinked on the end. Oops. But it worked out! And I have some major heart eyes for this fam. L & T were in my class when I worked at the Montessori school (5 YEARS AGO!). They’re taller and 10000% hilarious and hate having their picture taken as much as the next person but we all had fun I think and now we have some cute photos to last them a lifetime.

Dear Universe,

More studio family shoots, please <3

Family Photography Austin Texas 1
Austin Family Photography 5
Austin Family Photography Texas 1
Austin Family Photography 8
Austin Family Photography 11
Austin Family Photographer 28