Austin Family Photography: In-studio session

I bought myself a new 9’ backdrop last Friday. Now listen, I’m not the type to buy myself new things very often… especially kind of expensive new things. But after a lot of hemming and hawing on the color and texting Briley and finally making her decide for me, I settled on “Pecan” for this cute little family shoot. What a great neutral. I did manage to let it unroll itself WAY too much accidentally because I got a little arrogant and convinced myself I could set it up on my own. It ended up getting pretty wrinkled and kinked on the end. Oops. But it worked out! And I have some major heart eyes for this fam. L & T were in my class when I worked at the Montessori school (5 YEARS AGO!). They’re taller and 10000% hilarious and hate having their picture taken as much as the next person but we all had fun I think and now we have some cute photos to last them a lifetime.

Dear Universe,

More studio family shoots, please <3

Family Photography Austin Texas 1
Austin Family Photography 5
Austin Family Photography Texas 1
Austin Family Photography 8
Austin Family Photography 11
Austin Family Photographer 28

Welcome Braxon!

Courtnie and Bradley have done an exceptional job making the cutest babies. I mean, just stinking look at ‘em! What a precious family. I am so glad that they invited me into their home for this little welcome home, baby boy photoshoot! It has been a real treat to watch this family grow and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.

Mommy and Me Austin Texas 1
Austin Family Photography 1
Daddy and Me Austin Family Photography 3
Austin Family Photography 4
Austin Family Photography Eliza Marie Photos 1
Siblings Austin Family Photography Eliza Marie Photos
Austin Family Photography Eliza Marie Photos 3

South Congress Family Photoshoot--Austin, Texas

Spent my morning with Courtney & Bradley and their sweet little one walking up and down South Congress. We stopped for a brunch break down at Cafe No Se, walked all around the South Congress Hotel and stepped into Big Top Candy Shop for a few minutes. I photographed Courtnie and Bradley’s New Year’s Eve wedding almost 4 years ago now and I’m so grateful to be here to capture their family as it grows. It’s always good catching up with old friends and watching them thrive.

Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 1
Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 2
Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 3.jpg
DSC_6397 copy.jpg
Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 4.jpg
Johnson Family Photoshoot 5
Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 6.jpg
Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 7.jpg
Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 8
DSC_6307 copy.jpg
Johnson Family Photoshoot 9.jpg
DSC_6442 copy.jpg

{In-Home Family Session} Sydney, Michael and Olive

After our last Mommy and Me shoot, Sydney asked me to come back and take a few more family photos. I, of course, said HECK YES. This sweet little family gives me all of the heart eyes in the world and I am so lucky to have been a part of this little moment in their life.

DSC_5391 copy.jpg
DSC_5438 copy.jpg
DSC_5452-2 copy.jpg
DSC_5466 copy.jpg
DSC_5477 copy.jpg
DSC_5516-2 copy.jpg

{In-home family session} Spitzer-Hanks Family

I’m running out of fresh blog ideas lately, so I figured I’d flash back to this one.

Thomas and Stephanie were just about to pick up and move from Austin to a new town. Stephanie reached out to me a few months prior and asked if I would photograph them in the house where they had become a family. And I must say, I felt honored to do so. They are sweet and genuine and hilarious and I loved every moment of the afternoon we spent together.

DSC_0728 copy.jpg
DSC_0731 copy.jpg
DSC_0739 copy.jpg
DSC_0843 copy.jpg
DSC_0887 copy.jpg
DSC_1084 copy.jpg
DSC_0989 copy.jpg