Black and White Portrait Session in Austin, TX

Sometimes a simple black and white portrait session is enough to set your heart ablaze. For a while there I was feeling burned out on black and white images. I thought that color images were really where my heart and soul were. But oh my, was I wrong. Don’t get me wrong. I love color film—it’s a big part of my creative vision, but black and white can tell a story that color cannot. It leaves so much more to the imagination— it’s more of a whisper than a shout. For this shoot, MD and I channeled our inner Jeff Goldblum and Cole Sprouse and Nico Tortorella. And let me tell you— it worked. Also, MD is a really fantastic assistant, so when I get nervous and make weird mistakes that are 100% avoidable and very DUH, they are there to make me feel competent and confident again. I have known them for more than 10 years now (which is crazy to think about). They are a really good friend and I’m grateful I get to be their go to photographer.

Austin Portrait Photographer 1
Austin Texas Portrait Photographer 2
Austin Portrait Photographer 3
Austin Portrait Photographer 5
Austin Portrait Photographer 7

Welcome Braxon!

Courtnie and Bradley have done an exceptional job making the cutest babies. I mean, just stinking look at ‘em! What a precious family. I am so glad that they invited me into their home for this little welcome home, baby boy photoshoot! It has been a real treat to watch this family grow and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.

Mommy and Me Austin Texas 1
Austin Family Photography 1
Daddy and Me Austin Family Photography 3
Austin Family Photography 4
Austin Family Photography Eliza Marie Photos 1
Siblings Austin Family Photography Eliza Marie Photos
Austin Family Photography Eliza Marie Photos 3

Serendipity: A Surprise Summer Wedding

I just love love. This summer I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding in the woods under the strangest of circumstances.

You see, it all started with a small, scared dog. A longhaired dachshund to be exact. Named Lambo. He had escaped from his family’s group campsite and gone on quite an adventure in the woods before running out in front of the car as if to say “Excuse me, have you seen my mom and dad?”. Before too long (and before it got too dark) we returned him to the camp where he came from and were offered a spot to set up the tent in exchange for bringing Lambo home. We gladly accepted because we were running out of daylight to find a good spot and the people were so warm and gracious.

While setting up camp a few people came over (we learned later were the Groom, his brother and sister in law) to check in on us and see if we needed any help, and also to thank us again for bringing their baby home. I know personally how crushing it can be when a pet gets lost and we were just so happy we came across him as well! Like I said, it was getting dark pretty quickly and he would have been in a real pickle had we not come along and picked him up. Serendipity. They mentioned that there was a wedding happening the next day. To which we quipped “Ya got a wedding photographer for this wedding?”

“Actually…. no! Do you want to do it!?” An opportunity we couldn’t really turn down, right?! DUH!

The wedding the next day was meant to start around 2pm but ended up starting around 5:30 or so— much to our photographic benefit because by that point the lighting had gone golden and warm and shimmery just the way I like it. We spent some time milling around talking to the guests who all had beers in their hands and were ready to celebrate. By that time the story of how a wedding photographer just happened upon an impromptu wedding in the woods by way of a little brown dog. It was a good story. For both us and the wedding party. Everyone was so incredibly warm and welcoming and happy to have us there. And we in turn were so grateful to be there and to have a nice place to camp and wonderful people to converse with.

The Bride finally emerged from the trailer and approached the hill where everyone had set up their camping chairs and some ribbon and flowers had been set up for the ceremony. She was just glowing. A simple lace dress with a purple under slip and her hair and makeup beautifully done. Now the glow may have been that golden light I mentioned….but I think it was more just the pure joy radiating out. She was escorted up the hill toward her father who was waiting at the top to walk her down the isle by her many many dogs. (oh yes, the dogs were a big part of the ceremony and that is one of my favorite things every about weddings—- when people make a point to include their furry family members too).

The ceremony was officiated by a good friend of the bride and groom (and the officient’s dog Cosmo who was very handsome in his little tuxedo). It was short— but so so so very sweet. We spenT about half an hour afterward taking the standard family photos for keepsakes and then were welcomed to have some dinner with their family and friends. They had a big cookout. Everyone had made the quick trip up to the mountains and into the forest to see their good friends get married— but the party was not lacking in any way. Music and laughter filled the air and everyone was just grateful to have been a part of it.

I can say that I was also so very grateful. We had just met them the night before—total strangers— but felt like we were a part of their story now and couldn’t have been more moved and amazed by the kindness, acceptance and graciousness of other humans.

I am generally a fairly shy and introverted person… behind the camera… always observing… rarely participating. But they made me feel comfortable and able to come out of my shell a little— that was pretty special.

Thank you again so very much to Kaycee and James and congratulations again!

I had no idea I would be shooting a wedding on vacation… but it’s the most memorable and special one so far.

Moss Wedding 1
Moss Wedding 2
Moss Wedding 3
Moss Wedding 4
Moss Wedding 5
Moss Wedding 6
Moss Wedding 7
Moss Wedding 8
Moss Wedding 10
Moss Wedding 11

atxGALS Summer Art Party

I had the pleasure of joining the atxGALS last night at TOMS on South Congress for their Summer Art Party! atxGALS is a group of women on a mission to empower local female artists and give them a platform to stand on (all while also supporting local non-profits that are aimed at promoting women’s rights and women’s equality). They’re a pretty amazing organization and I was blown away to be invited to attend. Not to mention— they also throw a pretty killer party.

The featured artists at last night’s event were Neena Buxani , Abby Ruston , Allie Eileen , Ella Nilsson , Kristin Moore , Monica Ceniceros , and Whitney Avra . I am floored by these ladies and their talents. All of the heart eyes forever and ever and ever and ever!!!

axtGALS Summer Art Party 1
atxGALS Summer Art Party 2
Blog 3.JPG
atxGALS Abby Ruston
atxGALS Abby Ruston 2
atxGALS Allie Eileen
atxGALS Summer Art Party 2019
DSC_6627 copy.jpg
DSC_6735 copy.jpg

35mm: A Love Story

I will always have a soft spot for 35 mm photos. These days I think of them more as point and shoot— snap shot type images as I like to use medium format or digital for bigger projects. But sometimes snapshots are the most fun. And of course, snapshot doesn’t necessarily mean poorly composed or uninteresting— just that it was snapped in the moment. A “love at first sight” type shot. An image for posterity. A friend of mine reminded me recently that it is important to have a good balance of reverence and fun in all things you do. To not take things so seriously all the time. It was a great reminder for my day to day but also creatively. 35 mm does just that for me.

I recently purchased an on camera flash for my Nikon FE and have been playing around with a more snapshot look. I can tell you, I’m really loving the results and it has inspired a much larger project for the coming year.

I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Flash Test 1 copy.JPG
flash test copy.JPG
Life is Good copy.JPG

South Congress Family Photoshoot--Austin, Texas

Spent my morning with Courtney & Bradley and their sweet little one walking up and down South Congress. We stopped for a brunch break down at Cafe No Se, walked all around the South Congress Hotel and stepped into Big Top Candy Shop for a few minutes. I photographed Courtnie and Bradley’s New Year’s Eve wedding almost 4 years ago now and I’m so grateful to be here to capture their family as it grows. It’s always good catching up with old friends and watching them thrive.

Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 1
Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 2
Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 3.jpg
DSC_6397 copy.jpg
Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 4.jpg
Johnson Family Photoshoot 5
Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 6.jpg
Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 7.jpg
Johnson Family Photoshoot Austin 8
DSC_6307 copy.jpg
Johnson Family Photoshoot 9.jpg
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