Merciful Heavens at Scholz Garden

There’s something about black and white 35mm that just begs to be used during live music performances. This Cinestill BWXX film has been blowing my mind lately. What a beautiful film. Just the right amount of snap, crackle, pop to tug at my heart strings. Thank you to my friends, Merciful Heavens for inviting me to come by and snap some photos during your show!

Merciful Heavens Austin Music Photography 1
Merciful Heavens Austin Music Photography 2
Merciful Heavens Austin Music Photography 3
Merciful Heavens Austin Music Photography 4
Merciful Heavens Austin Music Photography 5
Merciful Heavens Austin Music Photography 6
Merciful Heavens Austin Music Photography 7

Black and White Portrait Session in Austin, TX

Sometimes a simple black and white portrait session is enough to set your heart ablaze. For a while there I was feeling burned out on black and white images. I thought that color images were really where my heart and soul were. But oh my, was I wrong. Don’t get me wrong. I love color film—it’s a big part of my creative vision, but black and white can tell a story that color cannot. It leaves so much more to the imagination— it’s more of a whisper than a shout. For this shoot, MD and I channeled our inner Jeff Goldblum and Cole Sprouse and Nico Tortorella. And let me tell you— it worked. Also, MD is a really fantastic assistant, so when I get nervous and make weird mistakes that are 100% avoidable and very DUH, they are there to make me feel competent and confident again. I have known them for more than 10 years now (which is crazy to think about). They are a really good friend and I’m grateful I get to be their go to photographer.

Austin Portrait Photographer 1
Austin Texas Portrait Photographer 2
Austin Portrait Photographer 3
Austin Portrait Photographer 5
Austin Portrait Photographer 7

Just for fun.

I’m the most grateful that I have friends who let me take pictures of them all the time and they never get tired of me asking. It’s a real blessing.

I chose to leave the raw edges on some of these film scans. Film… it doesn’t have to be perfect to be fun, right?

4 copy.JPG
7 copy.JPG
12 copy.JPG
8 copy.JPG
3 copy.JPG
9 copy.JPG