Going to the Mardi Gras

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Aaaaand for those who have asked—

Here are some recommendations:

Panola St. Cafe — delicious local breakfast. Crawfish etoufee omelette, anyone?

Cafe Beignet — (slightly) easier to get into than Cafe Du Monde and just as delicious.

Carousel Bar— GREAT bar in the Quarter.

Pirate’s Ally Cafe and Absinthe— Pretty near Bourbon St. but in a nice corner of the Quarter. Also really good selection of Absinthe if you’re into that kind of thing.

Superior Seafood— Best damn happy hour specials in all of North America? .50 cent oysters, y’all!

Jacques Imo’s— Great food. Great service. Great bar.

The Columns Hotel—Good for a lunchtime snack and a quick drink. Really near the streetcar as well, easy to get to.

Verti Mart— a little (read very) pricey… but a really delicious po-boy to take along with you while you wander the French Quarter.

The Garden District— You could wander the streets for hours looking at all of the amazing homes and stopping to look around the historic cemeteries.

Audubon Park—Duh!

Zotz for a funky, friendly coffee adventure or Rue De La Course for a more main stream coffee experience. Both have delicious coffee and pastries.

Jackson Square on a Saturday— for all the tarot readings you could ever dream of.

Of course wander the Quarter (during the day… unless you’re a party hard type)!

Take the streetcar as often as you can and travel by foot. It’s easier to stop and explore— hop into a bar or store.

{{Wedding}}: Kate and Sam tie the knot

Was it a cold, wet day? Yes. My hands felt like both fire and ice. Was it one of the best most beautiful and loving ceremonies I’ve ever been to? Also yes. I only cried a lot. Kate and Sam tied the knot one month and 6 days ago and I’m still swooning over how pretty it all was. The ceremony was officiated by one of their very good friends under an arbor that Sam built. It was in a quiet wooded area and they were surrounded by those closest to them. It was an honor to be invited.


Sydney and Olive

These two cute ladies let me come hang out with them this past Sunday afternoon and let me tell you….. I have the biggest heart eyes for their bond. This mommy/baby shoot melted me into puddle on the ground with it’s sweetness.